Geoff Stookey – Promotion to Sr. Financial Analyst

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce that Geoff Stookey has been promoted to Sr. Financial Analyst.  In addition to budget management and various reconciliations, Geoff will dedicate time to budget planning, and the use of new systems to improve our reporting and review of financial data.  Geoff is also responsible for the completion of surveys such as the annual Voluntary Support of Education Survey(VSE), the ACC Annual Survey, and other ad hoc survey requests.
Geoff, ND Alum Class of 2009, joined the University in 2010 as an Account Services Coordinator in Donor Services.  He joined the Finance Team in 2011 and was promoted to Budget Analyst in 2013.  He is committed to excellence in the work he does for Development and is always eager to help other units or individuals when needed. His service to our community and to the University is representative of the University’s Core Values.
Please join me in congratulating Geoff Stookey.

Mary Ellen Koepfle

11 thoughts on “Geoff Stookey – Promotion to Sr. Financial Analyst

  1. congrats, Stook! A promotion and a new baby girl all in the same month….WOW! You’re en fuego! Good for you!