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We have exciting news regarding our progress on reimagining the space we share every day.  We have partnered with Steelcase, our furniture provider, to engage in a 10 week comprehensive study to help us improve our workplace.  This study will take your input in a variety of ways: surveys of individual team members, a space analysis with motion sensors, as well as the feedback that you provide to us, your committee members.  

With the increasing size of Regional Development, the goal of our committee is to present a proposal for an integrated work environment at Eddy Street Commons. Despite much of the focus of this study being on the space at ESC, we want to better understand the challenges and opportunities for those who work at Grace Hall as well. Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing plans for new pilot space at ESC for all to experience potential configurations and furniture.  We look forward to this pilot becoming a reality, and strongly encourage Development employees at all campus locations to spend time trying out the space.

Here is what to expect during the comprehensive study:

Workplace Surveys:

Development colleagues at ESC and Grace Hall will receive requests to complete surveys that will provide feedback on how useful the workplace environment is for you. We need your help to be able to better understand all the ways work gets done so we can design a space that responds to your needs.  Please take time to answer the questions so we can better understand how to meet your needs.

Spatial Analytics Study:

On May 23rd and 24th Steelcase will be on site installing sensors at ESC. These sensors will track ONLY seat occupancy and temperature, and does not involve any video or audio recording.   They will be installed in desks, offices, shared spaces, and conference rooms with the only goal of seeing if a workplace is meeting your needs.  The data these sensors return will be 100% anonymous and non-identifying, and will certainly not be used to evaluate performance of any team members. The biggest take away from this will be how different teams use their space (e.g. Annual Giving vs. Regional Development).  These sensors will be removed the week of June 18. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with anyone on this committee!

Do’s/Don’ts of Spatial Study:

Do – Use your space as if nothing is different.  We are looking to get the best data possible!

Don’t – Decide now is the time to test out a Roomba in your space.

Do – Ask anyone on the committee about this project and these sensors – we are more than

willing to answer your questions or ask those who know the answer!

May 23 and 24: Sensors installed

Week of May 21: Work Experience Survey sent out to ESC and Grace Hall teams

Week of June 4: Favorite Spaces and Space Traits Surveys sent to ESC teams

Week of June 18: Sensors removed

Please feel free to reach out to any (or all of us) with questions, concerns, or feedback. We are working to make this a better working environment for everyone and we will not be successful without your open and candid feedback.  

IWEC Committee

Brad Goff, Co-Chair

Marty Harshman, Co-Chair

Lynn Hubert

Scott Jessup

Laura Midkiff

Conor Montijo

Eileen Murdock

TJ Pillari

Dan Santucci

Amy Schell

Aaron Wall

Nathan Utz

Lin Wang


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  1. Thanks for thoughtful update.

    During monitoring, weekly poker night in the Family Room will shift to the temporarily vacated Willis residence.