Space Update

The Integrated Work Environment Committee continues to explore enhancements to our ESC workspace.  We are excited to share renovations will begin on our first pilot space this week so all can witness and experience potential new layouts and products as we look to the future.

This pilot space will be located where the SRDs, Micki and Gavin currently share an office, as well as across the hall to include the Hesburgh and Grotto Rooms.  Attached is a rendering to help you envision the new layout, but please pose questions to any committee member.  As this space has served as a home-base to Micki, Gavin, Stu, Anne, Tim and Marty, it will no longer be their assigned office.  This new space will be for ALL members of Development to use, accommodating  individual work, one-on-one conversations, private phone calls, and small group work.  You will see from the renderings there is both public and private space planned for this pilot.  At this point, we plan to keep this all first come first serve, rather than allowing for specific space to be reserved.

Those at Grace and ESC were recently invited to participate in surveys regarding their work environment.  This pilot, in many ways, is another type of survey.  We ask all to spend time working in this new space and provide feedback on your experience to the committee.

Below is a timeline of expected work, which will begin this Friday, July 20, with the space being ready for use by early August.  Our apologies for any disruptions this work may cause, thank you for your patience:

July 20: Business Furnishings to remove furniture and take down walls.

July 23-25: painting, HVAC, electrical work.

July 26-27: install of first wave of furniture.

August 7: install of second wave of furniture.

This is the first tangible step in what will be a process that continues over a number of months.  We fully recognize that some of you have reservations about the outcome of this process and there will be challenges along the way.  But with your full and honest support, we will work together to create a new work environment that fully accommodates our growing Development team in a way that is creative, energizing and promotes a true spirit of team.  Please be patient and help us succeed.

Thank you,

Pilot Space 1

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