Early Bird Stanford Registration

“Early-bird” Stanford registration is now open for Blue, Gold, Circle, and Council Giving Society members.  Monday’s email to Sorin, Rockne, OSTM, and JCOS members will be followed by an email on Wednesday opening registration to all levels, with the addition of Badin Guild members.
The registration form can be accessed by clicking the game banner on our events website: http://Giving.ND.edu/FB18.  MyNotreDame login is required.

For event questions, please contact the Stewardship & Special Events lead, Sean Boudreau (1-8808).  For registration questions, please contact me at slongo1@nd.edu or 1-6714

.  Registration lists will be shared via UR Intranet on Wednesday of game weeks.
Shannon Longo

Events Coordinator, OnwardND Donor Experience Team

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