Update Integrated Work Environment Plans


We are excited to share an update on our upcoming integrated work environment plans.  The next phase will be a remodel of a portion of our Regional Development area, creating a shared work environment for certain fundraisers.  A huge thank you to all fundraisers who have agreed to use this as their home-base: Kevin Deeth, Shannon Forry, Mark Futa, Giovana Heeter, Lynn Hubert, Janet Jessup, Bill Kempf, Riley Koval, Ron Linczer, Tom Molnar, Jesse Meyer, Darrell Paulsen, Tara Reilly, Dan Santucci, Steve Sollmann, Aaron Wall.  
We anticipate the work being done in mid January once the products arrive, and should only take a week to complete.  Stay tuned for additional details on how we will adjust while the work takes place.
Attached are two files.  One is an ESC floorplan with the location of this new space highlighted in yellow.  It is essentially located from the current offices of Deeth, Heeter, Reynolds, and Meyer toward the west windows. The second attachment includes renderings of the products and layout for this phase. 
The plan moving forward from the work in January is to complete additional phases throughout the west side of the ESC office.  We will continue to “do, learn, do.”  Please reach out to a member of the Integrated Work Environment Committee with any questions.
IWEC Committee:
Brad Goff, Co-Chair
Marty Harshman, Co-Chair
Lynn Hubert
Scott Jessup
Conor Montijo
Eileen Murdock
TJ Pillari
Dan Santucci
Amy Schell
Aaron Wall
Nathan Utz
Lin Wang

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