Kevin Deeth’s New opportunity

I’m often reminded by benefactors just how well you all represent Our Lady’s University in your interactions with their families. People have increasingly noticed the immense talent we have assembled within University Relations.
Consequently, one of our distinguished local alumni, Tracy Graham ’95, has recruited one of our very best to join his burgeoning firm.  Kevin Deeth will be joining one Graham Allen Partners as Director of Investor Relations. As a part of this Private Equity Fund, Kevin will handle the Capital Raising duties for Graham Allen’s Partners and its portfolio companies.. Kevin will begin his new role on Monday, Feb. 25th at the Graham Allen offices in downtown South Bend.
Kevin has not only been a prolific fundraiser, but has also been a trusted confidante, welcoming mentor, and true friend to many here. While we will miss Kevin in many ways, his legacy will be sustained as the many gifts he closed provide ongoing impact.
This is a wonderful opportunity for Kevin and his family. Personally, I’m so grateful to have had the pleasure to work closely with such a class act.
Please join me in wishing him continued success, prosperity and good health.
Godspeed Kevin,
Tim Willis

6 thoughts on “Kevin Deeth’s New opportunity

  1. So very excited for you Kevin! All the best to you and your family. I will miss your Irish spirit. Thank you so very much for your support, it has been my honor to work with you.