Changes and Reminders Regarding Parking

From Andy Gilmour with Kite Realty Group:
Good morning Eddy Street Commons,

I am reaching out to everyone today with notice that the recently changed parking area next to Kilwin’s, which was changed last year to 2-hour parking as opposed to no parking – will now become 45-minute parking. It is apparent that tenant employees are abusing the 2-hour system in order to utilize this parking the entire day. This parking is meant for quick grab and go and delivery; not long term parking. New signs will be installed in the coming days. Please be aware as Hamilton Towing has been instructed to keep a close eye on this area.

Other parking Notes:

1.      All tenants and their employees or residents are required to park inside the parking garage. Public street parking is noticeably full from 8:30am onward. This parking is intended for patrons of Eddy Street Commons.

2.      The above does not apply to those purchasing reserved parking under buildings A & C. Even a quick park in these reserved spaces can lead to towing.

3.       Within the parking garage, all tenants and their employees or residents are required to park on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the parking garage.

4.      Please notice, both the 2nd and 3rd floor of the parking garage contain reserved parking along the southern end for condominium owners, parking in these marked spaces will also lead to being towed.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation in these matters,
~ Andy

Andy Gilmour | Operations Manager  

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