Tory Grimes to Join Stewardship & Donor Relations Team

The Stewardship & Donor Relations team is delighted to share that Tory Grimes has accepted the position of Program Director for Donor Recognition. Tory has spent the past several years as an exceptional member of the Special Events & Stewardship team.  Tory has worked on a number of events during her time at Notre Dame including serving as the lead for the Corbett Family Hall Dedication, but her most considerable mark was placed on the Campaign events. She took these important cultivation experiences to new heights as a result of her creativity and unmatched attention to detail. Known also for her can do attitude and thoughtful touches to ensure events are filled with unique details, Tory has proven she has a deep dedication to Our Lady’s mission and to the personalized stewardship of University donors. I speak for our entire Stewardship & Donor Relations team when I share that we are elated to have her join our team.  
My Very Best,
Jessica Reasons 

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