Congratulations to NDAA on Sustainability Efforts!

Through a multi-year partnership called ND for the Environment, the Alumni Association has moved to make its Football Fridays at the Eck events “food waste free.”

Student interns and staff members from the Office of Sustainability educate Football Friday guests and families about why it’s important to think differently about their food choices, and how our food waste recycling system works. Sorting trash, non-consumable food and recyclables into separate bins at the waste station, in addition to maintaining outside recycle bins, ensures the capture of non-consumable food waste and clean recycling, diverting it from the landfill.

For the first five home games waste ambassadors have been able to capture 675 pounds of food for the University’s Grind2Energy system, leading to carbon emissions avoidance of over 459 pounds — the equivalent of fully charging nearly 100,000 smartphones. All remaining consumable food from this event is collected by the student-run Food Rescue US program and donated to local charities. Additionally, more than 865 pounds of clean recycling have been recovered.

To read more about these sustainability efforts, click here.

Condolences to Julia Onghetich

Dear Colleagues,

I write to ask for prayers for Julia Onghetich’s extended family, as her paternal grandfather passed away earlier this week. At the age of 95, Mel Yoder had lived a long and happy life married 66 years to his surviving wife Betty (Julia’s grandma).

His obituary can be found here. Funeral services will be Friday, and Julia will return to the office on Monday. Thank you for the prayers.

-Katherine Lane

Update your Car Information for the Eddy Street Garage

Do you park regularly in the Eddy Street Garage? Have you gotten a new car or new license plate since you originally received your pass? If so, please stop by the parking office (located on the left as you walk into the garage, the door just past the archway) and update your information. In the event that anything happens to your vehicle, or it needs to be moved, having the correct information not only speeds up the process of contacting you, but could keep you from getting towed!!

Thanks so much for your assistance with this important process.