Gift Planning (Business Continuity Plan)

Given that at calendar year-end Gift Planning employs a “skeleton crew” approach, Gift Planning is uniquely positioned to transition to a remote work environment with minimal disruption.


All gift planning members are expected to retrieve his/her voicemail messages and monitor his/her email regularly during any period of remote work.

GPOs will be expected to utilize laptops and cell phones to function as normal.  GPOs will continue to take responsibility for the gifts he/she is working on both in engaging with the regional directors and benefactors and processing gifts that come in during this period.

Region directors will continue to work directly with the GPO and per usual, may reach out to Rich Naponelli with any questions and/or issues including gift acceptance requests.

Development Coordinators will be expected to utilize laptops, be generally available during this time, and proactively engage with his/her GPO as would be the case in the office.  We plan to utilize Google chat, text messages, Zoom meetings, conference calls, and emails to mimic the office environment.  Over the last 2 years, we have continued to migrate many of our manual processes online so that most if not all processes may be completed without the need to physically transfer paperwork.

Rich Naponelli • 815-236-0550 (c) •
Patrick Brennan • 574-850-6972 (c) •
Chris DeTrempe • 574-387-0308 (c) •
TJ Pillari • 574-210-1553 (c) •
Jessica Brice • 574-276-9154 (c) •
Jennifer Koebel •
Carolyn Lax •
Maureen Daday •
Anne Wieber •
RaeLee Rea •


All team meetings may be conducted via Zoom or conference calls.

Letters and Other Mailings

Gift Planning tends to be more paper-intensive than other groups.  We are developing a process to allow us to continue to mail physical copies of certain materials.  Letters and other mailings that cannot be sent via email or otherwise postposed may be completed by the DC using the GPOs electronic signature.  We have developed a Word version of Gift Planning’s letterhead which we can utilize with e-signatures to produce letters without the need to physically sign.

Incoming mail poses a unique problem.  However, for any extended period in which Development is working remotely, but mail is still delivered, mail may be handled as we do calendar year-end, with a point person retrieving and opening the mail, assuming access to Eddy Street is granted.

Document Routing – Gift Planning Agreements

We will follow the standard procedure for the review and transmittal of Gift Planning agreements.  All routing forms may be prepared electronically.

Each GPO will continue to be required to prepare his/her own documents for signature and email Rich and/or RaeLee for the initial review.  Once approved, the GPO may arrange for signature by the donor.  Executed documents will be emailed to Carolyn to begin the DocuSign signature routing.  I recommend that during any extended period of remote work, we relax the requirements that CRT and CGA agreements require physical signatures and instead route for signature using DocuSign.

Donor Advised Fund Program

The entirety of the DAF program may be executed remotely.  Regional directors and GPOs should continue to reach out to RaeLee via phone, Google chat, or email.  Donors wishing to make contributions or recommendations may alert RaeLee via email as they do now.

DAF portal development is expected to continue on schedule as we have been conducting Zoom meetings since inception.

Securities/Wire Transfers

If a GPO is expecting a wire or securities transfer, he/she should email the name of the donor, Advance ID, name of security (if applicable), number of shares (if applicable) and expected amount to all of the following people:

  • Stacy Koebel (
  • Lisa Kresnak (

Gift receipts will be emailed to Gift Management and uploaded to the shared drive pursuant to our standard procedures.

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