University Relations – 405 Main Front Office (Business Continuity Plan)

University Relations – 405 Main Front Office

Deb deStJean: 574-360-6910
Sharon Rankert: 574-807-5373

Building/Office Entry
Please use your ND ID card for building and office access. Please contact Notre Dame Police Department at 574-631-5555 if your swipe access is not working.

The University Relations main number, ext. 5089, is forwarded to Sharon Rankert’s cell phone number and will be handled accordingly.

Effective March 23, the Mail Distribution Center will be holding mail for all departments on campus. Deb deStJean will pick up mail on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for University Relations and the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. She will open it and scan anything that may deem necessary to have right away. Normal protocol will be followed for the receipt of gifts with the exception for delivery. Because courier service will not be available, checks will be hand-delivered and placed in the Grace Hall 10th floor dropbox.

Supporting Local Restaurants

As mentioned in today’s souNDoff, we want to promote our local and small businesses during this challenging time. While all restaurant and bar dine-in services are closed until the end of March in the state of Indiana, many of our local establishments are offering carryout and delivery options. Check out a list of local restaurants offering these options here.

Remember, social distancing is key in all interactions, so when possible, limit the amount of in-person interaction you have with the delivery person. If using an app like Postmates or DoorDash, select “Contactless Delivery” or specify to the restaurant to have your food left outside your door for you to pickup.

When you get food into your home, take it out of the containers, throw those out, and then wash your hands thoroughly before eating.

If you’re not comfortable ordering external food at this time, consider purchasing a gift card to use later. Thanks for supporting our local community!

Annual Giving (Business Continuity Plan)

Annual Giving (Business Continuity Plan)

The Annual Giving team is all available by cell and email as needed. Cell phones may be found on the UR Directory. Key contacts:

Brian Diss (402.319.4113)
Ashley Gerard (574.286.5593)
Kim Borza (724.480.7113)
Lindahl Chase (574.261.2550)
Brandon Tabor (574.299.3864)
Ellen Roof (574.850.3593)

Donor Experience
The Donor Experience Team is monitoring the Donor Experience Concierge Line (574.631.5198) remotely. Giving Society members can continue to call this line for assistance with membership questions, tickets, etc. All giving society email inboxes are being monitored as well.

All asks coming out of annual giving are being thoroughly vetted in this uncertain time. At this point, we are not actively soliciting any benefactors (including giving society renewals) and will evaluate this policy on a weekly basis. We will communicate with the field when solicitations resume. Please contact Lindahl Chase with any question regarding a giving society member’s membership status.

Notre Dame Day
Notre Dame Day is currently scheduled for April 26-27. We will make a final decision on whether to hold or postpone this year’s Notre Dame Day on or before April 6. Please contact Ellen Roof with any Notre Dame Day related questions.

Athletics Advancement (Business Continuity Plan)

Cell Phones

  • Brian Benedict: (607) 743-0683
  • Mike Brown: (414) 732-5176
  • Sean Carroll: (574) 340-2177
  • Brent Henningfeld: (574) 520-3716
  • Angel Hess: (574) 850-4914
  • Marie Labosky: (267) 980-3147
  • Melissa Lechlitner: (574) 276-5632
  • Sara Liebscher: (574) 850-2016
  • Kevin Nugent: (203) 554-3720
  • Brian Powell: (574) 303-4130
  • Matt Weldy: (574) 261-5412

Ongoing Business

Athletics Advancement will be continuing our business as a team through remote work. We may be reached by email or at the cell numbers above.  We remain available as a resource to you and your benefactors throughout these challenging times, and we look forward to partnering with you in meaningful ways.  To that end, please note the following.

For specific matters related to:

  • Athletics gift acknowledgments, future football requests or other operational/general business questions, please contact Angel or Brent.
  • Athletics funding priorities, proposal creation, and personnel or facilities requests, please contact Brian Powell.
  • The Monogram Club, please contact Matt.
  • The AC4SA, please contact Sara.

Please note:

  • We cannot provide any access to Athletics facilities at this time.
  • We cannot provide in-person access to Athletics personnel at this time.
  • We CAN engage Athletics personnel with your donors as is appropriate – through videos, WebEx, emails, notes, etc.
  • We WILL make calls from our staff to your donors if we can add value during this time.
  • We will do our best to answer questions regarding Notre Dame Athletics and NCAA matters if those answers are known. Please understand there is much that is not known at this time.

ESC Front Office (Business Continuity Plan)

Office Entry
Use your ND ID card to access the office. Please contact Mary Flynt and/or Lana Taylor if your swipe access is not working.

Voicemail messages left on the main office number will roll over to Amy Walter’s email and will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member or returned by Amy Walter.

USPS mail will be held at the South Bend post office. Staff will pick up the mail on Tuesday and Friday and follow the same process as during Christmas break: open all mail, make copies of anything with a gift and/or gift agreement, put copy in DC mailboxes, and deliver originals to Grace Hall for processing. All non-gift related mail will also be placed in DC mailboxes. We will email DCs and RDs regarding gift documents received.

Staff will collect UPS and FedEx items from the respective “will call” windows in South Bend and process per mail protocol outlined above. Please discontinue shipping to the office address during this period to reduce the amount of mail we need to process.

Please contact directly Amazon or any vendors from whom you are expecting packages and update the delivery location.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Marilyn Bassett ( or 301-523-7990) or Carolyn Hardman ( or 574-514-1632.)

Philanthropic Strategy (Business Continuity Plan)

Philanthropic Strategy

Although we are not in the office, it is still business as usual for the Philanthropic Strategy team. We are available via phone, email, or zoom meetings. Since we are transitioning some regions and consultants, you may want to send direct emails to multiple prospect consultants and we will work together for a timely response.

Urgent requests for research can be communicated directly to Katie Engel and Ben Moeller via email or phone. All research will be provided via email within the standard time frame (approximately 1-2 weeks). Katie and Ben are also available for Zoom Meetings and phone calls as needed.

Escalation Contact Information:
Brad Goff: 574-315-3000
Cindy Karpovs: 574-286-3269
Katie Engel: 585-208-5947

Prospect Strategy & Development team:
Cindy Karpovs: 574-286-3269
Kevin McMannis: 281-814-8328
Meghan Walsh: 574-339-1043
Tori Hommel: 574-315-8891

Prospect Research team:
Katie Engel: 585-208-5947
Ben Moeller: 712-574-9388

Internal Engagement (Business Continuity Plan)

Internal Engagement

James Riley – 574-210-9175
All team members are available via phone and email. See for contact information.

All scheduled interviews for the week of March 16 have been postponed until further notice and the candidates have been notified.

Financial Administration & Strategy (Business Continuity Plan)

Financial Administration & Strategy

Each of us has our office phones forward to our cell phones, but both numbers are listed below:

Jill Calderone x2622; (574) 339-3214
Andrew Frye x2430; (574) 339-4685
Rachel Parks x2886; (574) 303-8450
Geoff Stookey x2986; (509) 638-3779
Kathryn Valenti x0392; (609) 865-0786 (Kathryn will be out on leave until July 14th)

Finance – Contact Geoff or Rachel

    • Position Management – University has instituted a staff hiring freeze that is effective until further notice. This includes halting the posting of new staff positions, replacement positions, and temporary positions.
    • Budget
      • FY21 non-labor budget meetings will continue as planned, though over Zoom instead of in person
      • Information is forthcoming to managers about timing of merit and FY21 labor budget
    • Other financial, budget, and position inquiries can always be sent to Geoff and Rachel
    • The Controller’s Office created an activity code for departments to track costs related to dealing with the coronavirus: 11019 “COVID-19 Related Costs”. Departments should charge all operating costs (including those related to dealing with coronavirus) to their respective department resources. However, using the activity code will allow the University and University Relations to track the overall financial impact.

Tickets – Contact Jill or Andrew

      • With the cancellation of NCAA play, no tickets are currently being distributed
      • Look to souNDoff for updates on season renewals and the football lottery

SPORT – Contact Jill if you need any changes made