Fall Interns – Accepting Project Proposals and Student Referrals


We are grateful for the 101+ colleagues who directly engaged with summer interns through June and July. Special thanks to UR Leadership, those who served as supervisors/mentors, and all Zoom presenters. This generous investment yielded a transformative experience.

Due to summer impact, with the directive and support of Lou and UR Leadership, we are pleased to expand (extend existing & create new) centrally-funded internships for the coming academic year.

Click here to submit a project proposal for a Fall Intern

This semester we are seeking talent from all academic levels for students who will bring to our teams diverse perspectives, dedication to their work, and a mission driven spirit.

Let us know if you have any questions on submitting a project proposal or have student referrals, 

Bryan Reaume and Mary Flynt

UR August Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our UR colleagues born in the month of August! We wish you a year filled with fun and good health.

8/4 – Jim Small
8/6 – Maribeth Spittler
8/10 – Tara Gilchrist
8/11 – Janet Jessup
8/12 – Kathryn Edel
8/12 – Melissa Medina
8/13 – Sean Carroll
8/14 – Lauren Dolzan
8/16 – Brian Benedict
8/17 – Jennifer Pratt
8/18 – Tim Kelly
8/19 – Brent Henningfeld
8/19 – Julia Sama
8/23 – Amanda Retartha
8/23 – Shaheen Goldrick
8/27 – George West
8/30 – Abbey Johnson
8/30 – Michelle Varda