Welcome to the Southwest team Shaheen Goldrick

I am excited to announce that Shaheen Goldrick will be joining the Southwest team as Regional Director, working with benefactors in Denver. She will be transitioning from her role as the Director of Corporate Relations on July 6.

Shaheen has been with the University for four years and previously was the Director of Business Development at 2020 Women on Boards. She has also been serving as a committee chair for the UR DEIU Task Force since its inception in August 2020.

Shaheen graduated from Notre Dame in 1994 with a degree in Sociology and Gender Studies Concentration.

Welcome to the SouthBEST team, Shaheen!

Best, Shelby

One thought on “Welcome to the Southwest team Shaheen Goldrick

  1. Congratulations, Shaheen! Although we will miss you on our team, you deserve every bit of happiness and success. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do to make ND a better place.