Eddy Street Parking Reminders

With the transitioning back to the office, a few reminders about parking at Eddy Street:

  1. Parking spaces in the area under the building are assigned spots. If you do not have an assigned spot, parking is available in the ESC garage.
  2. Parking in the ESC garage must be above the “bump” on the ramp (no first-floor parking) and not in any reserved spots on the 2nd level.
  3. Parking spaces under the building will periodically be coned off indicating those spots are not available.
  4. The Smart Cars will be moved back into their assigned parking spots under the building later this week. If you use a Smart Car, please return it back to the assigned parking spot.

Any cars that do not abide by these rules, will be ticketed per Eddy Street Building Management.

If you have any questions about parking on Eddy Street, please contact Lana Taylor.

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