Congratulations Tashana Kenny!

Dear UR,

It is our absolute pleasure to share with you the promotion of Tashana Kenny to the role of Assistant Manager (AM) on the Development Coordinator (DC) Team. Tashana will be transitioning on September 15, 2021 to work with the management team, reporting to Lori Tinkey. In the new position, Tashana will continue to support field fundraisers, add responsibilities for managing DCs, and helping to lead the DC Team.

Tashana was instrumental in the success of the DC cross-training pilot program last year and serves as Co-Lead for the ongoing initiative. She continues to have a strong impact on our DEIU efforts through the Communications and Impact committee of DEIU. Prior to her work with the University, Tashana was an Enterprise Specialist in Product Sales and Support with Comcast for 16 years. Tashana received her Masters degree from the University of Phoenix in 2019, and her Bachelors degree from Ball State University in 1996.

Please reach out to Tashana to congratulate her on this achievement.


Deena and Lori

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Tashana Kenny!

  1. Congratulations Tashana on your promotion to Assistant manager, You will continue to have a positive impact within so many areas of Development in thie new role.