Welcome Alumni Association Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, Digger O’Brien


I couldn’t be more excited to share the good news that we have a new Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, Digger O’Brien. Digger comes to us after many years working as an Executive Producer and Chief Content Officer for various groups within the NFL. His responsibilities as the Head of Entertainment Marketing included overseeing all content development, creative and brand-alignment strategies for third-party digital, television and film projects in the entertainment industry. In addition, as the Senior Producer of NFL Films, he executed hundreds of hours of large-scale content development and production initiatives at the NFL’s in-house production company. And to top it all off, he is a five-time national Emmy Award winner for editing, directing and writing.

Digger is the author of “Pointing Is Rude: One Father’s Story of Autism, Adoption, and Acceptance.”

A 1989 graduate of Notre Dame, Digger will be joined in South Bend by his wife, Bernadette, and children, Anna (24), Frederick and Grace (19) and Julian (12). He joined us on November 29, splitting time between South Bend and Yardley, PA, until after the holidays.

Please join me in welcoming Digger O’Brien.

All the best,

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