Welcome John Paul Miles!

Congratulations to Casey and Andy Miles, on the arrival of their baby boy, John Paul Miles! He arrived on October 8th and is 8lb 3oz and 20 and 3/4 inches long.

Best wishes to the happy family!

-The Information Technology and Services team

UR October Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our UR colleagues celebrating their special days in October! We hope your year is so good, it’s scary!

10/3 – Brandon Tabor
10/3 – Jesse Meyer
10/4 – David Chaudoir
10/4 – Ellen Roof
10/5 – Sheri Egendoerfer
10/7 – Kevin Frost
10/8 – Maureen Dunkley
10/10 – Denise Moulds
10/10 – T.J. Pillari
10/11 – Ashley Gerard
10/11 – Thomas Scrace
10/12 – Anna Ortega-Shyne
10/12 – Chris De Trempe
10/12 – Katie Eckrich
10/13 – Julie Seniff
10/13 – Mary Fisher
10/15 – Jim Gosz
10/16 – Angeline Johnson
10/17 – Katherine Cinninger
10/19 – Allison Slabaugh
10/20 – Tony Castrodale
10/20 – Brad Goff
10/21 – Darius Walker
10/24 – Andrew Yocum
10/24 – Heather Sadrzadeh
10/25 – Helen Rajkumar
10/27 – Leah Corachea
10/27 – Mary Jane Anon
10/28 – Anne Wieber
10/30 – George Duke
10/30 – Kasey O’Connor
10/31 – Jason Scarlett

AGSM – Cincinnati Tailgate Attendees

We are excited to finally kick off our first Shake Down the Thunder! Tailgate for our giving society members! Please find a list of registrants with fundraisers below. This week, the tailgate will be located on the Irish Green, just to the west of the Development tailgate. It will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Donor Experience team at donorexperience@nd.edu or 574-631-5198.


Reminder About ESC Gameday Parking for Cincinnati

Tenants of the Eddy Street office who will be working the Cincinnati gameday and need parking in the ESC garage, make sure to submit your BEAT request before Tuesday 9/28 at 1:00 pm EDT.  Please Note: we will be unable to add parking requests after the deadline. 
To request gameday parking in the ESC garage (you must have an ESC garage card), enter your name into BEAT, choosing “Parking” as the activity and  “ESC – Staff” as the parking preference. There is an identifying dashboard sign that will need to be displayed by anyone who requests parking for gameday. The dashboard signs are available at the ESC front desk. If you still have a dashboard sign from an earlier 2021 game, you can use that for any game this season.

Please note –  all access cards will be inactivated for Saturday,10/2 except for staff who have submitted a BEAT request.

If you have any questions, contact Lana Taylor.

September Matching Gift Email

The September Matching Gift Email will send this coming Wednesday, September 22, to this list of assigned entities who work for matching gift companies, have made a gift since August 28th, and as of today have not yet matched their gift. These gifts represent over $130K in potential matches.

Please note that individuals on the second tab of the excel file (“Fundraiser Outreach”) have not received the matching gift email message (all gifts exceeding $25,000) but may be eligible to match their gifts totaling over $300K. You are encouraged to reach out to your assigned benefactors directly to discuss the details and answer questions related to the matching gift process.

If you have any questions regarding this matching gift communication, please reach out to Leslie Curry.

Hiring: AAD, College of Engineering

With a new Dean at the helm, the Academic Advancement Director for the College of Engineering role is more important than ever. We’re seeking a highly motivated, strategic fundraising partner for Dean Culligan – someone who can translate the College’s key objectives and goals into proposals our donors will find exciting, inspiring, and ultimately rewarding. An educational or professional background in a technical or scientific field is highly sought for this role: someone able to translate complex faculty ideas & projects into exciting, relevant proposals for interested donors. Did someone just pop into your mind? Great! Please feel free to share the posting with them! If they’d like to chat with a “real human” about this role, share my Calendly link to schedule 20 minutes to chat (no resume or introductory email required!). If you’re interested in this role yourself, I’d love to learn more! Simply find 30 minutes for a confidential conversation here. Thank you!

-Tara Gilchrist