Google First Wizarding College






Join the Google First Wizarding College

The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) has launched a new initiative to improve campus awareness and expand use of all the various Google tools at our disposal. To this end, they have designed the Google First Wizarding College – a fun, educational game designed to promote and teach the use of Google collaboration tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Chat.

The program is intended for staff and faculty, is self-guided, and takes 30-60 minutes per level to complete. The first level opens January 18 and the program continues through the spring semester. There are wizard prizes for each level, too!

Learn more or sign up for the Google First Wizarding College at

For 24/7 self-service assistance including the virtual agent, go to:, or contact the OIT Help Desk during business hours at 574-631-8111 or

Condolences to Wayne Harpenau

We offer our deepest condolences to Wayne Harpenau upon the passing of his mother-in-law Mildred “Millie” Haag, last Friday, December 17th.

The full obituary may be found here.

Please remember to keep Wayne and his wife Julie and their entire family in your prayers.

– The IT&S Team


Have you heard the news?…..We’re moving to asceND.


What is asceND?….It’s the most comprehensive advancement and constituent engagement solution in higher ed. 


Why are we asceNDing?…click on the image to learn why.





We’re very excited about this opportunity to implement a system that:

  1. Modernizes the user experience
  2. Provides an integrated solution to help break down data silos
  3. Drives fundraising productivity
  4. Builds personal engagements
  5. Streamlines operations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Has the ability to be agile in supporting changing business needs
  7. Provides a roadmap of future direction for continued growth


What will asceND do?

asceND will have the processes Advance Web, crmND, BEAT, and various reporting tools have and replace them. There will also be integrations with Tableau and other tools we are using to create a more seamless experience.

Look for project updates to appear in the weekly souNDoff newsletter, Tech Talk Live and Zoom product demonstrations. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any asceNDers team member. 

OIT Happenings

New Zoom Recordings Retention Plan Begins 1-18-21

OIT Zoom administrators will be implementing a new Zoom recordings retention plan on Monday, January 18, 2021.

Beginning on this date, any recording more than 365 days old stored in the Zoom cloud ( will be deleted. This is an ongoing process and each day, any recording over 365 days old will also be deleted. Any recordings that need to be saved must be manually moved to Panopto before the scheduled deletion date in order to retain them. Instructions for moving recordings to Panopto are available in this knowledge article. Local recordings will not be affected.

Two New Features in Google Sheets

Google has added two new features in Sheets. These features will help you prepare and analyze data more easily.
Cleanup suggestions: Helps to ensure your data is accurate by identifying and suggesting fixes for common data errors.
Column stats: Provides automated insights about the values within a column so you can identify outliers and quickly get a sense of what your data looks like.

Additional details are available in this Google Workspace Updates article.

Using a Group for Sharing in Qualtrics

The best way to share the items you create for your Qualtrics Form is through a Group.
Survey items such as emails, end of survey messages, error messages, files, images and contact lists can be shared when you create them within the Group. You can also share surveys with a Group, but the Group must be owned by an individual.
To create a Group, or manage your Group’s membership, contact the OIT Help Desk. For a new Group, provide the name for your Group, or to add/remove names from the initial membership list, provide the full name and email of each individual.
More information about a Group in Qualtrics is available in this knowledge article.

New Time-Out for Tech Sessions Begin

Do you need a convenient and easy way to keep up with changing technology? If so, check out OIT’s Time-Out for Tech sessions this spring. Each of these 30-minute Zoom sessions focuses on a topic about an application or IT service you may use or want to learn more about. They are packed with great information, how tos and best practice tips to help build your skills.

Find out more about these new Time-Out for Tech sessions this spring in this OIT news article.

Welcome Dr. Colleen Cross to Foundation Relations

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Colleen Cross to the Foundation Relations team as our Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Associate this year. Colleen served FR previously in the role of Graduate Fellow before earning her Ph.D. this July from Notre Dame in Theology and Peace Studies. Colleen additionally holds an M.T.S. in Systematic Theology from Notre Dame and a B.A. in Religious Studies and Classics from the University of Arizona. She brings her expertise and energy to the FR team, supporting our proposal development and foundation engagement efforts to secure funding for Notre Dame’s research and scholarship. In this new virtual environment, I have encouraged Colleen to reach out to UR colleagues by email to meet some of you and learn about your work. Thank you in advance for connecting with Colleen as she spends her year with FR.


Michelle Joyce

Senior Director, Foundation Relations

Cute Adoptable Kittens






Hello UR fam,

A friend and former Development colleague of mine, Anna Bradley, has been fostering two stray kittens for the past couple of weeks and wants to find them a good home. They are 10 weeks old. These cute little fellas are both sweet and in good health. If you are interested in adopting one or both of them, please reach out to me directly and I will put you in touch.

Best, Shelby
(626) 808-7921

Technology News – Google and Zoom Updates

Google Updates – OIT Lunch & Learn (online session)

Google is changing things up again! Learn about the latest features Google has added to its G Suite products – multiple signature templates in Gmail, dashboard and drive shortcuts, the redesigned file and the folder sharing interface in Google Drive.


Register at or email
Tuesday, June 23; noon to 1 p.m.

Zoom Updates – Meeting Passwords

In anticipation of Zoom requiring meeting passwords, Zoom meetings will have passwords on by default starting June 13, 2020.

Key details about Zoom meeting passwords:

  • Only new meetings will be affected
  • Meeting passwords will be automatically added to the invitation when you schedule the meeting and embedded securely in the URL of the meeting
  • Meeting passwords will, by default, be a minimum of six numbers
  • If your meeting participants click on the meeting URL in the invitation or in the meeting list in their Zoom client, they will be able to join without entering a password
  • If your meeting participants join by dialing in with a telephone, by clicking the Join button on their client, or by going to, then they will have to enter the meeting password
  • For more details, see Zoom’s knowledge article on meeting passwords

To see an example of how required passwords will look, see the Zoom Passwords and Scheduling a Meeting article.

Entering and Exiting Grace and Flanner Halls

We, Risk Management & Safety, Maintenance, and Building Services, are implementing a change to the Grace and Flanner Halls’ dock areas. Currently, the exterior doors leading into the dock are open during normal business hours while the interior doors always remain open. Effective June 5, 2020, access to the dock areas will be restricted at all times.

While we realize that many people have historically used the dock as an entrance/exit, these areas were not intended to be used in this manner. Rather, the docks were designed to allow service organizations an unimpeded area to conduct tasks such as making deliveries and removing trash. Trucks making deliveries and pickups at the docks throughout the day pose hazards to foot traffic. Unrestricted access has also, at many times, resulted in the docks being improperly used as equipment, trash, or unwanted item storage area. The resulting clutter creates unsafe conditions for both those working there and those using the areas as a pathway to the building.

We understand that this change may feel inconvenient, but our employees’ safety remains our utmost concern and we appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Mary Beth Greendonner
Associate Director, Risk Management & Safety


Zoom Screen Sharing Security

As using Zoom for meetings has become the norm, we’ve encountered new and interesting features and quirks.  One of those is a security setting that cannot be edited until the initiator of the meeting is signed into the system and assigned as host. Once this occurs, screen sharing and session recording are made available. To learn more about this feature, click here.



Remote Connectivity

During this time, many of us are being introduced to new remote communication tools to stay connected with our colleagues and teams. While all the channels and messaging about them may seem a bit overwhelming, we’ve created a matrix to explain what to use and when. Within the chart are links to training videos, feature descriptions and of course, Zoom virtual backgrounds.

While working with your teams you can store, share, and access team resources from anywhere in the world. This G Suite training video explains how.

In addition, the Office of Information Technologies has provided documentation on using technology to help us work remotely and is offering the following classes this month.

OIT Lunch & Learn: Tools for Working from Home

  • Wednesday, April 8, noon to 1 PM
  • Wednesday, April 15, noon to 1 PM

You can register via or contact OIT Training at 631-7227 or

Registrants will receive Zoom login information the day before the session.

Remember…if you need assistance you may contact the OIT help desk at 631-8111 or at the ServiceNow portal.