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Puertomarin finally

Twenty miles into trek.

Twenty miles into trek.


Ten miles now behind me and I finally arrive. Had to traverse down deadly mud covered rocks that where almost vertical. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining. Then across the highway to the bridge. Those who know me know that I am extremely afraid of heights not to mention bridges. I will attach pictures. Walking across with steady wind was scarey. However, the hostel is nice and overlooks the water. To digress though, the lovely place I stayed last night should be a destination location very nice people and beautiful patio garden and private rooms. The walk here was mainly thru woods and small medival-like farms with stone buildings that have stood for centuries. Once in awhile a senior its would sit by the path to watch you walk through. It uhhus so refreshing to come across a table with drinks and oranges after miles of no one or anything. One euro can buy a lot here. Looks like it may rain. I am glad I am off the trail tonight and can rest my poor feet and body. I will sit for a bit but then must tend to chores. That is strip down trade clothes and do laundry. Then locate dinner and vino. Must stay on schedule or be locked out by eleven. Hmmm curfews at my age. Life on the Camino is a lifestyle none of the worries of home follow you. The only thing to consider is walking for miles, protecting your feet, meeting great people, and getting a bed for the night. Well off I go for now.

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