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The end of the earth.

Today I arrived in Finisterra Spain. They call it the end of the earth. In ancient times they believed the world ended here. It is right on the ocean. The mountains create a horseshoe around the bay. Last night was a horrific storm. It rained so much that the streets in Santiago became rivers. As I was standing outside the hotel this morning waiting for my taxi to the bus station a bolt of lightening hit the street light next to me. Sparks flew. Never before have I seen this. It was something new for me. The trip to the ocean was through this storm which wove through the mountains. Once I arrived the rain stopped and I was able to walk the beach for two hours and gather shells. The storm brought up many different types of shells. I have met a Belgium woman that road a scooter through France to her by herself. She is older than I and is very interesting. Since I traveled today and then walked the beach, I missed eating today. Dinner is now being served so I am anxious to go eat. I am posting a few photos for everyone to see the sea.

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