My research interests span several areas including circuit and architecture design with emerging technologiesenergy and reliability aware system designresource management for real-time embedded systems, hardware-software co-design, and computational medicine. The underlying characteristic common to these areas is the employment of algorithm and/or hardware design and analysis techniques to solve problems arising from real-world applications. 

Circuit and architecture design with emerging technologies

As the CMOS transistor feature size is approaching its physical limit, we are witnessing an explosion of research endeavors in beyond-CMOS technologies. My work explores circuit and architecture designs that can best exploit the unique features of beyond-CMOS devices to maximize the gain offered by such devices. My research benefits greatly from close collaborations with device experts. Below are the several representation topics.

Energy and reliability aware system design:

For electronic systems, energy/power consumption and reliability are critical concerns due to their impact on the system cost and the environment. My work exploits characteristics of both applications (such as real-time control and multimedia) and underlying hardware (such as GPUs and heterogeneous multi-core SoCs) to design online and offline techniques to reduce energy and improvement reliability.

Resource management for real-time embedded systems:

Besides requiring correct results, real-time applications (such as vehicle control and navigation) also demand the results be produced at the right time. Resource (e.g., computing and network fabrics) management allocates services to different tasks in the system to meet such timing requirements. I have worked on management techniques for both computing and networking resources under different types of timing specifications. My recent focus is on distributed approaches in wireless sensor and actuator networks. 


My research projects have been supported by a number of sources including