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I am a Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame who focuses on moral development and flourishing from an interdisciplinary perspective, especially how early life experience and societal culture interact to influence virtuous character in children and adults. I integrate neurobiological, clinical, developmental and education sciences in my theories, research and writing about moral development, parenting and education. I have identified the evolved nest as critical for moral formation, multi-ethics meta-theory as a framework for how moral mindsets can shift or become dispositional from experience, integrative ethical education (via RAVES: relationship, apprenticeship, virtue exemplars, ethical expertise, self-authorship), and indigenous wisdom for fostering optimal moral functioning (relational attunement and communal imagination).

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Triune Ethics Meta-Theory (and measures)

The Evolved Nest (Evolved Developmental Niche)

Indigenous Wisdom

Moral Complexity and Mature Moral Functioning

Education for Virtue, Ethics, Morality
Moral Discourse Processing/Comprehension
Moral Self and Identity
Diversity and Culture
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  • Pathways to Child Flourishing
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Virtue Development
  • Human Evolution and Human Nature
  • Human Nature, Early Experience and the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness

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