Maginn group, Dec 2019: Garrett Tow, Derrick Poe, Ryan DeFever, Ed Maginn, Bridgette Befort, Yong Zhang, Ryan Smith, Haimeng Wang and Kalil Bernadino
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April 2019

Summer 2018         Summer 2018 v2  

Winter 2017   Spring 2013

Commencement 2013    Fall 2010

Principal Investigator

Edward Maginn
Dorini Family Professor of Energy Studies
Chair, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Postdocs and Staff
Dr. Yong Zhang
PhD Chemistry, Boston University
Dr. Ryan DeFever, PhD Chemical Engineering, Clemson University
PhD Students
Garrett Tow
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma
Haimeng Wang
B.S. Chemical Engineering Central South University; M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California


Derrick Poe
B.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Bridgette Befort
B.S. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
University of Kansas



Ryan Smith, B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Houston
Undergraduate Students
Mary McKinley
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Olivia Garcia-Velez
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Leah Fast
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kalil Bernadino, Univ. Sao Paolo

Alumni and current position

Juliane Fiates, 2019, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Campinas, Brazil

Michael Humbert, PhD 2019

Yushan Zhang, PhD 2019; McKinsey and Company

Ken Newcomb, PhD 2019: Amaforge

Jacob Gerace, MS 2019.

Matthew Howenstein, BS 2018

Sheridan Foy, BS 2018

Dr. Jingqui Wang, visiting professor, 2018: Nanjing University, China.

Ryan Mullen, postdoc, 2016-2018: Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Quintin Sheridan, PhD 2017: Sales Partnerships Inc.

Brian Yoo, PhD 2017: BASF.

Eliseo Marin-Rimoldi, PhD 2017: Molecular Sciences Software Institute, Virginia Tech.

Andreas Bröhl, visiting PhD student, 2015: University of Cologne, Germany.

Samir Budhathoki, PhD 2015: National Energy Technology Lab.

Surya Prakash Tiwari, PhD 2015: National Energy Technology Lab.

Akihiro Otani, visiting PhD student, 2014-2015: Kobe University, Japan.

Daniele Kerlé, postdoc, 2013-2015: postdoc, University of Bremen, Germany.

Chris Dearolf, BS 2015: process engineer, Hospira, Clayton, NC.

Andrea Reveco, visiting PhD student, 2014: Pontifical University of Chile.

Katie Maerzke, postdoc, 2012-2014: staff scientist, Los Alamos National Lab.

Sandip Khan, postdoc, 2012-2014: professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna.

Ramesh Singh, postdoc, 2012-2014: University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown.

Akash Sharma, PhD, 2011-2013: deceased. PhD awarded posthumously, 2015.

Hao Wu, PhD 2013:

Amir Vahid, postdoc 2013: postdoc, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University

Andrew Paluch, PhD 2013: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering, Miami University

Marcos Perez-Blanco, PhD 2013: Ingersoll-Rand

Dave Smith, BS 2013: graduate student, Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara

Dan Cryan, BS 2012: analyst, Accenture

Cameron Vitter, BS 2011: BlackBrush Oil and Gas, LP

Vladimer Pomogaev, postdoc 2011-2012: Associate Professor, Tomsk State University

Neeraj Rai, postdoc 2009-2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Mississippi State University

Hongjun Liu, postdoc 2009-2012: postdoc, Oak Ridge National Lab

Pavi Tiruppathi, MS 2011: Syntellect, Chicago, IL

Craig Powers, PhD 2011: software developer, Aspen Technology

Craig Tenney, postdoc 2008-2011: staff scientist, Sandia National Lab

Tom Rosch, postdoc 2008-2010: staff scientist, National Institue of Standards and Technology

Bryce Chung, BS 2010: Neuroscientist and business strategist

Sai Jayaraman, PhD 2009: researcher, Chemours

Wei Shi, postdoc 2005-2008: staff scientist, National Energy Technology Lab

Keith Gutowski, postdoc 2006-2008: researcher, BASF

Manish Kelkar, PhD 2008: researcher, AbbVie

Brian Novak, PhD 2008: postdoc Louisiana State University

Nate Stober, BS 2007: financial analyst, 3M

David Tagler, BS 2007: Booz Allen Hamilton

David Couling, BS 2006: staff researcher, Dow Chemical

Haizhong Zhang, postdoc, 2003-2006: technical staff, Fisher-Klosterman

Cesar Cadena, PhD 2006: President and CEO, Easy Motto Corp.

David Eike, PhD 2006: researcher, Procter and Gamble

Jim Larentzos, PhD 2006: researcher, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Mary Ann Jentz, BS 2005: MBA student, Emory University

Tim  Morrow, PhD 2005: Subsurface Engineering Specialist, ExxonMobil

Jacob Crosthwaite, PhD 2005: Sr. Research Engineer, Dow Chemical Company 

Jindal Shah, PhD 2004: Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

Jennifer Anthony, PhD 2004: Associate Professor, Kansas State University

C. J. O’Keeffe, BS 2004: Staff Scientist, Arete Associates

Gaurav Arya, PhD 2003: Associate Professor, Duke University

Robert Landis, MS 2002: Y-12 National Security Complex

Qing Dai, postdoc 2001: Monash University

Robert Nooney, postdoc 1999-2001: Dublin City University

Michael Macedonia, PhD 2000: President and CEO, Veracity Forecasting and Analysis

Loukas Kioupis, PhD 2000:  General State Chemical Laboratories of Greece

Darrin Moore, MS 2000: Site Technology Leader, Dupont Nutrition and Health

Jing Chen, MS 2000;  BioSpace

Yiannis Kaznessis; PhD 1999  Founder and CEO, General Probiotics, Inc.

Jim Kelly, BS 1999;  Washington University Medical School

Vince Keating, BS 1999;  Indiana University Medical School

Renee Sehee, BS 1998; Bristol-Myers-Squibb

Matt Macura, BS 1997; Procter and Gamble

Ron Runnebaum, BS, 1996: Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis