The ReAL Design is open to undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and faculty from all disciplines.

Current Lab  Members:

G. Alex Ambrose

Kevin Barry

Chris Clark

Crystal DeJaegher

Kevin Abbott

Alison Lanski

Atun Anggara

Xiaojing Duan

Patrick Miller

Laura Gekeler

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Munira Syed

Guieswende Rouamba

Undergraduate Student Interns

Lydia Costello

Georges Alsankary

Collaborating Faculty

Nitesh Chawla

Jay Brockman

Matthew Capdevielle

Victoria Goodrich

Elena Mangione-Lora

Nicolas Russo

Maureen Dawson

Holly Martin

Collaborators Partners

Office of Digital Learning

Academic Technologies

Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science & Applications (iCeNSA)

Emotive Computing Lab

IBM Smarter Education Team, Bangalore, India

National Institute for Digital Learning. Dublin, Ireland


Past Members

Everaldo Aguiar

John Dillon

Sidney D’Mello

Liz Anthony

Rachel Wallace

Franklin Forsberg

Saurabh Nagrecha

Philip Nigel Bosch