Mid-year Conversations and Personal Development Plans


As mid-year reviews and conversations take place, see below for reminders and resources regarding Personal Development Plans.

I have received great feedback on Skillport– the new university-wide online learning resource.

For Notre Dame,

Bryan Reaume

Steps and Tools for Setting Personal Development Plans

  1. Discuss the competency model assessment.
  2. Pick one competency as a growth area.
  3. Brainstorm different sources of learning and growth.
    1. Resource Guide: Education, Competencies, Knowledge, and Experiences
    2. Skillport (new e-learning resource)
    3. HR Learning Programs
    4. CASE Conferences and Training
    5. EAB Webinars
    6. Colleague Connections (mentoring, shadowing, interviewing, sharing best practices, etc.)
  4. Set a detailed action plan. Record it in the Personal Development portion of Endeavor.
    1. Define specific learning objectives.
    2. What will the employee do by when to achieve these objectives?
    3. What support can the manager provide?
    4. How can learning be extended via application, documentation, and sharing?
  5. Check progress regularly during coaching conversations and 1:1s.

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