“Discount” Football Lottery Codes

New for the 2022 football season, for those giving society members who begin to give on a scheduled basis via a recurring or perpetual credit card, we calculated whether they will hit their total amount over twelve months inside of a calendar year. If they do, we take no action, but if they won’t, we have added a “Discount Lottery” affiliation under the ND Affiliation object in CRM to their record so that they are able to enter the football lottery as if they had achieved that level of giving.

So, for example:

Someone signs up to give $125/mo to Sorin. This works out to be $1,500/year, or a Green-level football application and a Green-level Sorin membership. We recognize them immediately in terms of their Sorin membership and welcome them aboard. If they sign up in this fashion in January 2021, we take no action. However, let’s say they signed up in July 2021, which means they’ll only hit $750 in CY2021 and thus won’t realize any football lottery application status until they’ve been a member of Sorin for a year and a half (they’d have to wait to access the lottery until 2023!). Now, we can add a “Discount Lottery – Green” affiliation to their record for CY2021 and they will receive a 2022 football lottery application at the Green level in 2022. This affiliation appears thusly in CRM:

Or like this on the constituent’s Overview screen in Advance:

This process is NOT public and we do not intend to make this expansion known at this time. Instead, this is meant to be a delighter for our members and to bring their society and football experiences in-line with each other. We also hope that this will enable our fundraisers the opportunity to solicit larger unrestricted asks from donors in their portfolios while allowing the donor to break up those gifts into smaller monthly, quarterly, or other recurring frequency sizes that may fit their budgets more easily. (An example of membership levels in both one-time and monthly amounts is located here.) Finally, we hope that by implementing this model, there will be a reduction in D-Code exceptions to manage each year.

A few notes:

  • Only recurring and perpetual credit card gifts made to the giving societies were examined at this time.
  • If a donor’s combined giving elsewhere to the University exceeds what they would have qualified for as a society member, no discount code was added. (In the example given above, if that Sorin member also gave $10,000 to a scholarship, we would not have added the discount code to their record and instead allowed their overall giving to be calculated via the standard D-Code process.)
  • A donor can only receive this “discount” code on their record once. This is meant to simply catch up their football experiences with their society experiences for that first partially-fulfilled year.

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kristin Trosper at trosper.3@nd.edu. Thanks so much!

A Warm Welcome to Barbara Josenhans as She Joins Storytelling

We are thrilled to welcome Barbara Josenhans to the Storytelling & Engagement team on Monday, February 21st. Barbara comes to us with a background rich in storytelling experience in arts administration and real estate. Barbara is a professional musician, having held senior chairs in French horn with over half a dozen orchestras in the United States. She is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and Goshen College.

Some “fun facts” about Barbara:

  • Her first job was scooping ice cream at a mom-and-pop dairy bar that only had three flavors
  • Her best friend to this day is one she made in kindergarten!
  • She’s perfected baking pie, especially with sour cherries hand-picked in Door County, Wisconsin (Go Packers!*)

Barabra values collaboration and synergy in her work and creative endeavors. She brings a breadth of great experience that demonstrates her comprehensive appreciation of high-quality craftsmanship and artistry, qualities vital to the role of a writer. Barabra will be joined in South Bend by her husband, Dr. Thomas Josenhans, and their children at the end of the school year. Welcome to Notre Dame!


David Chaudoir

*Packers was added by David without consultation with Barbara


Help Me Welcome Dezha Moore to the Giving Programs Team!

It is my pleasure to welcome Dezha Moore to the Annual Giving team as an Assistant Director of Giving Programs. In this role, she will focus on planning and executing annual fundraising campaigns, initiatives, and events, including (but not limited to) Reunion giving, Notre Dame Day, Giving Tuesday, Friday Night Bash, Welcome Weekend, and more. Dezha’s first day will be Monday, February 14th.

Dezha graduated from Indiana State University in 2018. She most recently worked as the Director of Community Engagement and the Dean of School Culture for the South Bend Empowerment Zone. She is actively involved in the South Bend community, serves as the Diversity & Inclusion lead for the Young Professionals Network of South Bend, and has several certifications in the fields of Leadership and Education. We’re thrilled to have her join the Annual Giving team!

Please join me in welcoming Dezha!

Katie Kerby

Amber Cerveny Joins our Storytelling Team

We are really excited to announce that Amber Cerveny ’03 joined our Storytelling Team this week as our Program Coordinator serving Planned Giving. In Amber’s role, she’ll be directing the storytelling efforts for all Planned Giving projects.

Amber joins us from the Diocese of Springfield (IL) where she served as the Director of Faith and Ministry Promotion. Prior to this she served Catholic Charities (Springfield, IL) as their Development Coordinator. Amber also had a 10-year run in the Chicago market in the residential real estate industry. Thinking about buying vs. renting (?) go see Amber first!

Here’s some fun facts about Amber:

  • She played TROMBONE for The Band of the Fighting Irish (she claims it’s the best section in the band)
  • She’s graduated from Notre Dame in 2003; magna cum laude with a degree in Psychology
  • She loves “challenges” as an adult Amber has learned to play the piano, took up boxing and ran the Chicago Marathon

Soon after graduating from Notre Dame, Amber took a job in the Los Angeles area with a company called Kurtzman Carson Consultants. While living in the Hollywood area, our Amber snuck into a Matthew McConnaughey Malibu House Party… Amber admits; “for fear of being arrested, I didn’t stay long…” I think we all need a little more detail about this story!

Please be sure to stop by and introduce yourself to Amber — she’s situated with the Storytelling Team at Eddy Street Commons.


2022 Notre Dame Investment Team Endowment Update Teleconference

Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 11:00 am ET, please join us for the 2022 Notre Dame Endowment Update Teleconference. This private, invite-only event is for participants in Notre Dame’s charitable remainder trust and donor advised fund programs. The call is an opportunity to learn more about the University’s Endowment and participate in a question and answer session with Mike Donovan and the Investment Office team.

The current list of participants for this event can be found here.

To join this event, please contact Laura Walker.

UR February Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our UR employees celebrating their special days in February! We love having you all as our colleagues!

2/2 – Kim Biagini
2/3 – Shelby Carroll
2/4 – Rebekah Kincaid
2/4 – Sara Munoz
2/10 – Jessica Reasons
2/12 – Aaron Wall
2/13 – Christa LeeVan
2/14 – Rich Naponelli
2/16 – Matt Abernathy
2/20 – Riley Koval
2/21 – Kara Primmer
2/23 – Heather Moriconi
2/24 – Shannon Longo
2/27 – Amy Schell
2/29 – Bill Kempf

Welcome to the Southern Region, Tommy Chase!

Dear everyone,

It is my pleasure to welcome Tommy Chase to University Relations as a Regional Director of Development in the Southern Region.

Tommy is a 2013 Notre Dame Alum and monogram winner. As an undergrad, Tommy was captain of the Notre Dame baseball team and double majored in Accounting and Psychology. After graduating from Notre Dame, Tommy spent 7 years coaching baseball at the collegiate level, including roles at the University of Dayton and West Point among others. Tommy comes to us from Lippert where he was a Manufacturing Manager.

Tommy and his wife Teresa have four beautiful young children, David (4), Peter (2 and a half), Patrick (1) and Elizabeth (4 mos). In his free time, Tommy enjoys spending time with his wife and children, all things sports related and reading.

Please join me in welcoming Tommy Chase to University Relations!

Anne Overly