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Annual Elections Process

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Only regular Library Faculty are eligible to serve on or vote for elective committees.

The Library Faculty Elections Committee annually surveys the Library Faculty to learn about their interest in serving on Library and University-wide faculty committees. The Library Faculty Manual states that this should be done in the fall.

The information you submit is used in the following ways.

  • Your library faculty colleagues use it to help them decide for whom to vote.
  • The committee uses the information gathered from this survey when drawing up ballots for the upcoming year’s elections.
  • The University Librarian may use the information when filling, or coordinating the filling of, appointive committee vacancies. The Elections Committee may also use this information if unexpected vacancies occur for elective positions.

The Current Elections Schedule page shows which committees have positions to be filled, how many, and when. We strongly urge you to visit the page to determine which committees will have positions to fill before you complete the survey.

Use the link in the sidebar at left to go to the survey form.

If you wish, you may include a statement of interest in the space provided. Space is provided at the end of the form to state your committee experience and/or other relevant experience. You can help people vote for you by providing this information.

Descriptions of the library committees can be found in the Library Faculty Manual. Use the link at left labeled Committee Description.

University committees are described in Article III, Section 9a and Article IV, Section 3 of the University’s Faculty Handbook. Article IV, Section 5 further describes Departmental Committees, including the Committee on Appointments and Promotions.

CAP Election Process

Full Librarians are automatically included in the CAP election. Associate Librarians will still need to submit their interest for CAP. Assistant Librarians are not eligible to serve on CAP.

The Library Faculty Manual states:
“All full librarians will be included in the election for the Committee on Appointments and Promotions every year unless they are completing a two year term at the time of the election. Full librarians may choose to withdraw from the election by sending an e-mail to the chair of the Library Elections Committee, or as otherwise instructed, indicating they do not wish to be included in the current year’s election. Notification must be sent so that it reaches the Library Elections Committee prior to each year’s election cycle.”

The deadline for withdrawal will be stated in the e-mail sent to faculty.

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