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Procedures, documents and random useful information

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Procedures as defined in the Library Faculty Manual

Archive of Past Elections and Committee Interest Surveys

Majority Vote Procedures – Explanation of what a majority vote is, and the process for a majority vote in the UL five-year review and search committee elections.

Archived Procedures

Committee interest e-mail to Library Faculty

Academic Governance section of University Faculty handbook – includes Academic Articles

Committees A-Z – listing of all University Committees

The Box – Digitized paper FEC archive

CAP Withdrawals for 2015

Committee Interest Survey Results – Accessible only by members of the Elections Committee

Committee Interest Survey Documentation – How to prepare the survey on Qualtrics each year.

List of 2015 Library Faculty – Produced in October 2014 by Cynthia Harris. Library Faculty have ranks C1 through C3, with C1 being full librarians, etc.

Proposals for Changes to the Library Faculty Manual – The attached proposals were brought before the Library Faculty at the March 2015 meeting. All proposals were voted upon and accepted with no changes.

ELF, Faculty Senate and Academic Council eligibility

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