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Annual Calendar-at-a-Glance

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The Faculty Elections Committee year begins July 1, but the Committee probably won’t meet until near the beginning of the school year. At or about this time

  • the FEC mailing list (LIB-FEC) owner should ensure that new members are added to the list and former members are removed. Transfer ownership of the list to a new member or chair if necessary
  • update the committee membership on the Library committees page
  • elect a committee chair for the year
  • if desired, call a meeting of new and previous year’s committee members to ensure a smooth transition.

Updates to the committee rosters page should be completed in August.


Early to mid November would be a good time to send an e-mail to ask Library Faculty to complete the committee interest survey. Indicate in this message that any full librarian not interested in sitting for election to CAP must submit an email to the FEC Chair to indicate this by the date specified. This methodology is specified in the Library Faculty Manual, page 11. Use the sample e-mail as a template, if you wish.

The Committee Interest Form requires resetting. Please see information on the page Annual Setup of Committee Interest Form for details of what steps this includes. This has changed. The old form is no longer used and the revised form is still a work in progress.


Before anything else, ask Michelle Savoie or Cynthia Harris for a list of all current Library faculty. Only regular faculty are eligible to vote or to serve on standing committees. Regular Library faculty have ranks C1 through C3, with C1 being full librarians, etc. Use this information to update the balloting system and to ensure that any non-regular faculty don’t appear on ballots.

Review committee interest surveys in January, then start preparing ballots for any committees that have members whose terms expire in July/August. Depending upon the number of elections, with possible multiple run-offs, it may take several months to complete the elections schedule.

As soon as all elections have been completed, or as individual elections are completed, send the results to Kelley Collins <> (current [as of 7/21/15] assistant to Maura Ryan, chair of the campus Faculty Elections Committee) for campus committees only.


Complete and submit the Committee’s annual report. Save the interest survey results to a PDF (or other suitable format) and upload it to the archive.

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