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2017 Schedule of elections

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When elections are scheduled, the dates will be entered below, and voters may follow the link at left to the committee interest survey results, then directly to the online ballot.

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Dates of Election (subject to change). Committee Positions to Be Filled Continuing members  Results
Library Faculty Library Committees
3/1/17-3/7/17 Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) 1 elective (replace  Lawton)
1 appointive (replace McManus)
Jessica Kayongo
Doug Archer
John Wang (appointive)
Diane Walker (chair, ex officio)
2/9/17-2/15/17 Executive Committee of the Library Faculty (ELF) 1 elective (replace Aaron Bales)
1 ex officio (Laura Sill, as Academic Council member)
Julie Tanaka
Liz Dube (second term)
Marsha Stevenson (ex officio, as Senior Faculty Senate representative until 2018)
Diane Walker (ex officio)
2/1/17-2/7/17 Library Faculty Elections Committee 2 elective (replace Hye-jin Juhn, Viveca Robichaud) Rachel Bohlmann James Ng
2/20/17-2/24/17 Professional Development Committee 2 elective (replace Mandy Havert, Julie Tanaka) Ruth Tillman
University Committees with Library Faculty Representation Elected by the Library Faculty
No vacancy in 2017 Academic and Faculty Affairs Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees Doug Archer
3/1/17-3/7/17 Academic Council 1 elective (replace Laura Sill) Diane Walker (ex officio)
3/9/17-3/15/17 Faculty Grievance Committee 1 elective (replace Robert Simon)
2/1/17-2/7/17 Faculty Senate 1 elective (replace who replaces Dan Johnson) Marsha Stevenson (senior Faculty Senate representative) Dan Johnson
 2/20/17-2/24/17 University Committee on Libraries 1 elective (replace Julie Tanaka) Diane Walker (ex officio)
2/9/17-2/15-17 University Committee on Research, Library, and Special Professional Faculty Appeals 1 elective (replace Archer) Steve Hayes
Andy Boze
William Baer
No vacancy in 2017 University Committee on Women Faculty and Students Monica Moore
No vacancy in 2017 University Council for Academic Technologies (UCAT) Lauren Ajamie
John Wang (ex officio)

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