Daily Archive: February 21, 2024

Feb 21

NNSA SSAP 2024 – three students posters from our group!

Chloe, Miriam and Jes went to DC to present their NNSA-sponsored work at the annual NNSA SSAP meeting. Chloe presented her efforts to use HECTOR as a neutron detector, Miriam talked about her summer experience in using the DANCE array at LANL, and Jes showed gamma-decay probabilities from their Zn data obtained with Hyperion.

Feb 21

Hawaii! Our work presented at the Joint meeting of the APS-DNP and JPS

Miriam, Jes and John presented their research at the DNP-JPS meeting in Waikoloa, HI. Each of them gave a talk on their most recent achievments:

Feb 21

Miriam and Jes present their work at the NNSA SSAP 2023 Meeting

Jes and Miriam presented their work at the 2023 Annual NNSA SSAP Meeting held in Santa Fe, NM. Jes presented their work on indirect measurements of neutron capture cross sections on Zn isotopes using Hyperion. Miriam showed the first results of the commissioning of the Neutron Irradiation Station at Notre Dame.