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I am currently searching for a postdoc to work on an exceptional, long-term microbiome data set, consisting of over 17,000 microbiome profiles from 600+ baboons. See our recent paper in Science on this data set. We’re generating shotgun metagenomic data for a subset of these time series, and we can use your help! Read more about the full opportunity here.

If you think you might be interested in working on other projects, get in touch! I am often looking for outstanding postdocs to study topics related to social behavior, health, and fitness.

PhD students

If you’re interested in getting your PhD with the Archie lab, read the following and please get in touch. You can read more about ND PhD positions in evolution, ecology, and the environment here.

My students and I have closely overlapping research interests in the evolution of animal behavior, microbial ecology, population biology, and disease ecology, especially microbiome dynamics. Projects in my lab are empirical; they test theories and combine research tools from two or more of these three areas. A background in one or more of the following is especially useful: behavioral ecology, statistics, molecular genetics, microbial ecology, immunology or disease ecology. If you are interested in becoming a member of my lab, you should:

1. Read the information about my research interests.
2. Read some of the publications I’ve written with my collaborators over the last few years.
3. Then, if you decide that our interests coincide, please send me an email. In this email, please tell me why you want to attend graduate school and how you think our research interests overlap. It is also helpful if you can send me a CV or resume, your GPA, and GRE scores.

Thanks for your interest!

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