Inclusion & equity

The Archie lab welcomes, supports, and trains students and researchers from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Science is strongest when it includes many voices and perspectives. We aim to create a work environment that honors our collective diversity. We value and respect all members of our lab, and our colleagues in the Amboseli Baboon Project, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, country of origin, immigration status, age, religion, sexual orientation, education, political affiliation, ability, socioeconomic status, other aspects of identity, and intersections therein. We especially welcome and support students, researchers, and colleagues from communities who have been historically disenfranchised by science and may remain underrepresented in STEM today as a result.

We are committed to inclusion. We are committed to providing an equitable, inclusive, and supportive environment where all people feel they belong. We hope that each member feels comfortable bringing their whole self into our lab group. We value intellectual curiosity, the free discussion of ideas, compassion, and respect. Each member’s contributions and ideas are valued while respecting their personal identity.

We work to promote equity. We support each member of the lab as they work to realize their professional and personal goals. We recognize that societal and academic inequities create substantial, systemic, unfair, and heterogeneous barriers to achieving these goals. These barriers contribute to the lack of diversity in science, and we aim to reduce and help each other overcome barriers. As individuals, many of us are involved in activities that promote equity and inclusion in our department, university, and town. Collectively, we work to educate ourselves about steps we can take to build more equitable and inclusive environments in STEM. 

We especially support our East African project members and collaborators. We work on land owned by the Amboseli-Longido Maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania, and we recognize our immense privilege in being guests in these communities. We value and respect the knowledge, beliefs, and culture of our hosts. We actively promote the safety and security of all project members in the field. We partner with scientists from Kenya and other East African countries to build educational and research capacity, especially in Kenya. Members of the Archie lab are encouraged to consider how their work benefits society, especially in East African communities. 

the Archie Lab