The 1,000 Mile Challenge Final Results!

Week Five 1000 Mile Challenge

The 1,000 Mile Challenge has officially concluded. Congratulations to all riders who participated!

Top Cyclists for the Final Week 

1. Jennifer Betz: 99 miles

2. Pete Pietraszewski: 66 miles

3. Jessica Monokroussos: 40 miles

4. Michael Jindra: 25 miles

5. Laura Fuderer: 24 miles

Top Cycists Overall

1. Jennifer Betz: 370.5 miles

2. Pete Pietraszewski: 238 miles

3. Michael Jindra: 196 miles

4. Jessica Monokroussos: 160 miles

5. Laura Fuderer: 93 miles


A grand total of 1,253.87 miles were biked by eight participants. What a fantastic job! Even though the challenge is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up pedaling in those miles! The prize drawing will take place next week and the winner will be announced and contacted. Stay tuned for more challenges this fall!

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