The 1,000 Mile Challenge Week Two Results

Week Two 1000 Mile Challenge

The 1,000 Mile Challenge is already two weeks in! Here are the top cyclists!

Top Cyclists for Week Two

1. Pete Pietraszewski: 128 miles

2. Jennifer Betz: 115 miles

3. Michael Jindra: 36 miles

4. Jessica Monokroussos: 32 miles

5. Stephanie Bradburn: 22 miles

Top Cycists Overall

1. Jennifer Betz: 145 miles

2. Pete Pietraszewski: 128 miles

3. Michael Jindra: 96 miles

4. Jessica Monokroussos: 56 miles

5. Stephanie Bradburn: 36.77 miles


We are at 476.37 miles all together, which means… we are almost half way to our goal! Keep racking up the miles! Check back for next weeks results!

There is still time to sign up! Email to sign up. Challenge ends July 27th. All participants will be entered into a prize drawing! For more information: The 1,000 Mile Challenge.

Thank You for Participating!

Thank you to all those who participated in our BikeND Kick-Off Rally!  We hope valuable information was gained/exchanged at the event and that it was a fun-filled day for everyone.  Special thanks to our campus representatives and vendors: Avenue Bicycle Station, Bike the Bend, Bike Michiana Coalition, Granger Paths, Food Services & Sustainability, Michiana Bicycle Association, NDSP, & RecSports.

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Welcome to BikeND!

Welcome to BikeND, the University of Notre Dame’s official biking club. It’s FREE and open to the entire campus. Take your first ride on the path to good health for life, and learn more about the benefits of biking to campus.

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