ReCyclers: Earn a Bike Program

Let’s help share our love for biking with the children of South Bend! ReCyclers is a wonderful program which helps promote health through biking and provides children in need with a bicycle.

See flyer below for more details.


Going into Week 6: Tour De France Virtual Challenge

Here’s our leader board as we ride into week 6:

Rider RPMs
James Kelly 1565
Victoria Tomiczek 1490
Christopher Clark 1240

As we continue to ride, Saint-Etienne, France marks the beginning of stage 13 and one of our points of interest for week 6. Saint-Etienne is located in the central eastern part of France. Although this city is not a tourist attraction, it does host an exciting history. The first railroad in France was laid in Saint-Etienne is 1823. The city was once the capital of the France bicycle industry and is still the home to several large bicycle parts manufacturers.


Halfway Point – Tour De France Virtual Challenge

Here’s our leader board going into week 5:

Rider RPMs
James Kelly 1565
Victoria Tomiczek 1290
Christopher Clark 1240

We have hit the halfway point of our Tour De France Virtual Challenge. By the end of this week, we will have ridden over 1150 miles (equal to 1150 RPMs)!  As we continue to ride, we will pass through the city of Besancon which is the starting point for stage 11 of the Tour De France. The city of Besancon is located in eastern France near the Switzerland boarder. Labeled a “Town of Art and History”, it remains one of the best preserved historic cities of France.





Besancon is located along the Doubs River









The Citadel of Besancon



Week Three: Highlights

Look at our leader board after completing three full weeks of the Tour De France Virtual Challenge!

Rider RPMs
James Kelly 1250
Christopher Clark 1045
Victoria Tomiczek 1010

The following are pictures taken by Gang Liu during his weekend ride on the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.

Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3