Summer Bike Tags

Students whom plan on riding and keeping their bikes on campus throughout the summer MUST obtain a summer bike tag from NDSP (this is in addition to your standard bike registration). This tag helps officers distinguish bikes in use from those abandoned and forgotten by departing students. To obtain a summer tag, please take your bike to the NDSP offices in Hammes-Mowbray Hall. For more information: NDSP.

It’s Summer…Somewhere – Final Leader Board

CaptureFinalAfter 9 weeks of competition, we’ve finally reached our destination! Check out our finisher’s leader board:

Participant Minutes
Anne Kolaczyk 6255
Philip Bosch 5306
Michael Ball 4350
Sharon Rankert 4165
Dan BrubakerHorst 4159
Matthew Wong 3825
Margaret Snyder 3729
Marie Cole 3445
Leigh Cornish 3275
Mary Donnelly 2211
Jayne Lamb 1970
Da Som Kim 1435
Angela Ashenfelter 1350

It’s Summer…Somewhere – Week 7


We’re down to 2 weeks of competition!┬áCheck out our leader board below:

Participant Minutes
Anne Kolaczyk 4705
Philip Bosch 4036
Matthew Wong 3345
Sharon Rankert 3050
Dan BrubakerHorst 2846
Margaret Snyder 2664
Marie Cole 2592
Michael Ball 2490
Leigh Cornish 2355
Mary Donnelly 2211