The 1,000 Mile Challenge Week Three Results

Week Three 1000 Mile Challenge

The 1,000 Mile Challenge is more than half way through the challenge! Here are the top cyclists!

Top Cyclists for Week Three

1. Jennifer Betz: 74 miles

2. Michael Jindra: 30 miles

3. Shirui Luo: 29 miles

4. Jessica Monokroussos: 24 miles

5. Anne Kolaczyk: 15 miles

Top Cycists Overall

1. Jennifer Betz: 219 miles

2. Pete Pietraszewski: 128 miles

3. Michael Jindra: 126 miles

4. Jessica Monokroussos: 80 miles

5. Shirui Luo: 43.6 miles


We are at 693.37 miles all together. We only need three hundred miles in the next two weeks to reach our goal! Keep racking up the miles! Check back for next weeks results!

There is still time to sign up! Email to sign up. Challenge ends July 27th. All participants will be entered into a prize drawing! For more information: The 1,000 Mile Challenge.

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