It’s Summer…Somewhere – Week 4

Capture5We’re now on week 5 of our challenge! Here’s our leader board from last week:

Participant Minutes
Anne Kolaczyk 2385
Matthew Wong 2175
Philip Bosch 2039
Michael Ball 1650
Leigh Cornish 1475
Mary Donnelly 1424
Margaret Snyder 1255
Dan Bruabaker Horst 1250
Marie Cole 1088
Sharon Rankert 1015

It’s Summer…Somewhere – Week 2


After 300 minutes of travel, we’re now in week 3 of our journey to Australia! Check out our current Top 10 Leader Board below:


Participant Minutes
Matthew Wong 1065
Ann Kolaczyk 1050
Philip Bosch 940
Micael Ball 870
Mary Donnelly 826
Leigh Cornish 740
Julia Sokel 548
Margaret Snyder 545
Marie Cole 404
Dan Bruabaker Horst 398

Week 1 – It’s Summer…Somewhere Challenge


We’ve already completed week one of our challenge. Check out our Top 10 leader board below:

Participant Minutes
Philip Bosch 485
Anne Kolaczyk & Matthew Wong 480
Marie Cole 404
Mary Donnelly 403
Julia Sokel 365
Michael Ball 360
Sharon Rankert 315
Leigh Cornish 305
Margaret Snyder 285
Jean Meade 195

Week Seven: Pilgrimage to Plymouth

We’re passed the halfway point of our journey to Plymouth. Here’s our leader board:

Rider Mileage
Christopher Clark 746.6
Garrison Keillor 583.3
ET 73.8

After 400 miles of travel, we’ve left the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is named after the Native American tribe which resided along the Southern shore of Lake Erie.




Erie is that state’s fourth largest city with a population of 102,000.










Many tourist visit Erie for recreation at Presque Isle State Park. This picturesque state park consists of a peninsula which juts into Lake Erie, 13 miles of road, 21 miles of recreational trails, and 13 swimming beaches!



Week Five: Pilgrimage to Plymouth

We’re on our fifth week of riding! Check out our current leader board:

Rider Mileage
Christopher Clark 532
Garrison Keillor 395.9
ET 53.2

We’ve traveled over 268 miles and are now leaving Cleveland, Ohio.



Cleveland is the home of the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The museum exists to collect, preserve and interpret the impact rock has made on our world.










The Cuyahoga River runs through Cleveland and is known as “The River that Caught Fire” – the river has caught fire on 13 different occasions.

Week Two: Pilgrimage to Plymouth

Here’s our current leader board:

Rider Mileage
Christopher Clark 261
Garrison Keillor 184.8
Heather Ryan 43.61

We’ve traveled over 134 miles on our route to Plymouth! We’re now approaching Perrysburg, Ohio.






Perrysburg is the home to Ft. Meigs, the largest wooden walled fortification in North America. The fort was built during the beginning of the War of 1812. Today Ft. Meigs is the site of an Ohio State Memorial.