Booking Rules

As part of the University of Notre Dame’s Event Management Program, a set of booking rules were developed to govern and standardize space reservations.  These  rules were developed following the campus-wide data collection from space stewards.

Event Management System User Types

Everyday Users – Notre Dame Faculty and Staff who can only book spaces using

Expert Users – Notre Dame Faculty and Staff who book space using the web client (, desktop client (Remote Apps) or

Priority Levels

Level 1 Those who manage the spaces (“space steward”) and are able to book (reserve) these spaces without approval.

Level 2 Those who are able to book (reserve) assigned spaces directly, without approval.

Level 3Everyday users who may request to book space(s) from the space steward.

Approval Turnaround

If approval is required to make a space reservation, the space steward or delegate must respond with a decision within 3 business days (M-F). 

Reservation Timeframes

Users will use the standard reservation time frames to indicate the earliest a space can be reserved for use under the guidance of the space steward.  

  • 1 year +  in advance
  • 6 months in advance
  • 3 months in advance
  • 2 months in advance
  • 1 month in advance
  • Semester/Academic term driven
  • Athletic schedule-driven

Reservation Override Rules

Reservation Override – Act of moving a reservation to a different space (i.e., bumping an existing reservation).  

  1. Academic Classroom and Exam Scheduling Priority
  2. A reservation cannot be overridden without the following actions:
    • Notify current occupant
    • Find another space that meets the requirements of the event
    • The initiator of the change will be responsible for any costs due to changing the reservation:
      • All resources must be considered (e.g., catering, setup/teardown, AV, etc.)
  3. If a reservation must be relocated due to unexpected room maintenance or repair (e.g., leaky ceiling tiles, drain overflow), this is considered a cancellation and the initiator of the cancellation will not be responsible for any relocation fees.

General Rules

  1. Reservations for back up spaces with the intention of canceling those is not behavior consistent with the guiding principles of sharing space.
  2. Reservations/requests must be appropriate for the space:
    • Requestor and approver must consider the appropriateness of the size of space being requested (e.g., 20 participants do not belong in a space with capacity for 100+).
    • Requestor and approver must consider the appropriateness of the type of space being requested (e.g., staff meeting with food in a lab space; political discussion in sacred space).
    • Requestor and approver must consider other events happening within/around that space that may impact the event (e.g., donor/Dean event in Club Naimoli and basketball practice happening at the same time)
  3. The individual(s) using the space must arrange the space back to original setup prior to leaving the space.
  4. The individual(s) using the space must clean up any mess left in the space, especially if food was provided.
  5. It is the responsibility of the requestor to review, and adhere to, the “Terms and Conditions” for the space being booked.