Guiding Principles

1.1 All spaces are institutional assets

1.2 Agreed upon Booking Rules will drive event allocation and use of space

1.3 Maximize space usage

1.4 Restricted spaces must be approved by the Event Management Oversight Committee (EMOC)

1.5 External guests will be vetted by appropriate stakeholders (as determined by the EMOC) to   ensure the guests align with the university’s mission

1.6 The right to reserve a space and see event information will be determined by the Booking Rules as guided by the EMOC

1.7 The Event Management System (EMS) will be the official repository and record for all reservable classroom and event spaces

1.8 The EMS Working Group will monitor and annually review access to event space information to ensure continued compliance and effective stewardship

1.9 Booking Rule conflicts will be escalated to and resolved by the EMOC

1.10 The goal is to reserve the majority of event spaces within the system while unique use cases may be handled outside the system