Frequently Asked Questions (Web App)

Why can’t I login to 
If your Okta credentials are not allowing you in the application, submit a request for assistance.

Why is my information (name, department, phone, etc) incorrect when I book a space?
First, check what your information lists in the directory ( The information in the directory should be what is listed in

If the information is wrong in the directory (, contact Human Resources at 1-5900 or

If the information is correct in the directory and wrong in, submit a request for assistance.

Why am I unable to book a specific room?
Either you do not have access to book the specific room or the room does not exist in EMS. If you have further questions contact the space steward of the space in question or submit a request for assistance.

Why can’t I book a space past a particular date?
The templates for booking space can have “booking rules” around the space. These booking rules can control how far out a user can reserve/request space, how long the event can be, etc. For example, the template to book registrar rooms is academic term driven. 

Desktop Client and Web Client

How do I get to the desktop client via remote apps?
A step-by-step guide is available to help you install EMS desktop client on your computer. 

How do I get access to the desktop client or web client?
Submit a request for assistance.

Why can’t I login?
Is this the desktop client (remote apps)? If yes, make sure you are connected to OITES VPN (how to connect to OITES VPN). If you are unable to connect to the VPN, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111, or chat online at:

If you are connected to the VPN or using the web client ( and still unable to login, submit a request for assistance.

How do I do *functionality* in the desktop client or web client?
The EMS user guide is really helpful for any functionality questions. 

My desktop client keeps freezing, what do I do?
The desktop client can sometimes freeze; often times this is after docking/undocking a machine or EMS opens different windows and can get confused with dual monitors. Resetting the Window Coordinates can help solve this issue. In EMS navigate to Settings (top left) >> Reset Window Coordinates.

If the issue continues, submit a request for assistance.



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