Where is the line:

I know it was briefly discussed last class (someone brought it up) but there is a case with major patent implications, currently in the oven. Monsanto v. Bowman. The media is trying to make this a “David v. Goliath” case but the truth is, this case all comes down to a patent holders scope of control. If the SC sides with Bowman it could severely hinder innovation in areas with high barriers to entry and intense R&D. As mentioned in the articles included below, it cost hundreds of millions and over a decade of work to create something like a genetically engineered soybean. If control over such a patented product ceases to exist at some secondary level like a grain elevator, then will the line for some software be drawn in some cyber marketplace? It will be interesting to follow and I believe (even in the face of skeptical questioning at the hearing) the Supreme Court will side with Monsanto.



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