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I know this is a little out of nowhere, but this article got me thinking so I thought I would share. I was thinking about how quickly the tech market seems to change and what that means for tech entrepreneurs – especially for those who tied their innovations to Facebook. Also, who is the person these type of tech entrepreneurs should market to? Do these innovations have longer term life or are they like Betamax?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Article

  1. Interesting article, Monica. Facebook has inspired many social networks like twitter and IG–both of the sites took popular functions of Facebook and basically built fortunes. So although the article says that teenagers are getting sick of facebook, they are still using unofficial offsprings of it. To answer your question, I do agree that social networks are and probably should be marketed to teenagers. They generally have enough time on their hands to frequent and promote the sites. Also, adults are using it more because they feel the need to monitor their teenagers. Just my two cents.

  2. I enjoyed this article! What do you think the potential ramifications could be for Facebook advertisers looking to market to younger generations? Personally I grew tired of Facebook when they started charging for timeline placement. I wonder if the Facebook image problem will eventually create a stigma that negatively impacts its advertisers. Timeline ads are intrusive and the algorithms used to pinpoint the ads presented to you are creepy. Last year I watched a video on the Adobe Marketing Cloud and I still feel disgusted. http://www.adobe.com/solutions/digital-marketing.html