Response to “Top 10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Hate Lawyers”

I found an interesting article written in response to “Top 10 reasons why entrepreneurs hate lawyers” that offers advice on how to work with a lawyer at a startup. See the article here.

I like this article because it shows the value lawyers provide outside the traditional “legal advisor role.” One example mentioned in the article is the fact that lawyers can be a great source of “deal flow.” After our discussion in class and after reading the various articles on this topic, it seems to me that lawyers struggle with entrepreneurs because we don’t do a good job of showing value. To many, we are looked at as expensive and arguably unnecessary “buzz kills” that ┬áprovide little value beyond providing legal protection that may or may not be needed in the future. We need to do a better job communicating why what we do is important, and focus on ways to better display and ultimately provide value. The article may help at least provide food for thought on how to structure your practice or market yourself for those who plan on entering this area.


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