Why Great Companies Fail

This is an interesting article, in which TIME interviews author Jim Collins about the lessons he learned while writing his book, How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In.

“There are three things worth keeping in mind about any great enterprise that eventually falls. Number one, the seeds of decline are usually in place long before decline becomes visible — like a disease where you look strong on the outside but you’re already ill on the inside. Second, we tend to think decline happens because of complacency — people just sitting still, not being aggressive or innovating. But we found there’s often tremendous change and innovation leading right up to the point of fall. It’s overreaching: undisciplined growth, undisciplined risk-taking. Finally, I was surprised by how far you really can fall and still come back — it’s one of the most wonderful things to come from this work. The tendency for many of us might be to give up too early.”

One thought on “Why Great Companies Fail

  1. Jaclyn:
    Interesting! I will read this and see how it compares with what Christensen has to say about why the companies he studied failed.