Richard Branson on how small business can innovate

Here is a sort article that relates to the material discussed this week and the course as a whole. Branson gives a short synopsis as to how business can be successful by looking at what what customers want and how to identify areas in the market that need innovation.

One thought on “Richard Branson on how small business can innovate

  1. I think Branson makes some good points and this article does sum up a lot of what we learned in this class. However, what Branson fails to discuss is the concept of “disruptive technology,” which seems to be how entrepreneurs are most successful. While making an “old” product “new” again or improving upon existing technology can bring success to an entrepreneur, it seems like the most successful entrepreneurs break ground in a new type of technology. This new innovation may appear to begin as a step back in the current technology, but once improved upon can push society into a new technological realm.

    That being said, Branson’s article does serve as a good guideline for everyday entrepreneurs.