2 thoughts on “Immigration Reform at State Level

  1. I like the premise of this article. Like i said in a previous comment, i think it is best to try to implement education programs that supplement students who pursue degrees in the sciences. However, if that is not possible or there are not enough students willing or able to pursue the sciences, then recruiting talent from overseas may be the best way to go. However the article does not mention whether Detroit has the industry in place that would allow immigrants to put their talents to use. Do you think there are companies with capital willing to headquarter their company in Detroit?

    • As a native metro Detroit, I think the answer to that question is yes Chris! Metro Detroit, according to some studies, has the highest proportion of jobs in the technology sector (13.7%) in the country. It’s also the second largest hub of engineering jobs in the nation.

      However, we have to distinguish between Metro Detroit and the City of Detroit. While there are many of these jobs outside of Detroit’s borders, there are few in the city itself. There is only one auto plant left in the city, the Jefferson North Assembly Plant which makes Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos.

      Virtually all of the engineering jobs are in the suburbs.