Legal Restraints on Entrepreneurs in the Craft Beer Industry

Yesterday in class we discussed reasons why entrepreneurs may dislike or like the law. One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs will dislike the law is if they feel that their growth is restricted because of a particular policy. Across the country and especially in Indiana and Michigan, the craft beer industry is rapidly growing and entrepreneurs across the states are opening their own breweries. Three Floyds and Sun King (two Indiana breweries), are currently teaming up to gain support against the Indiana law that currently limits brewers in Indiana to producing 30,000 barrels a year.

One thought on “Legal Restraints on Entrepreneurs in the Craft Beer Industry

  1. If you’re interested, here’s the website of the Indiana Whiskey Company – a distillery (not a brewery) started by Charles Florence, who just got his MBA from ND two years ago. He went through our McCloskey Business Plan Competition. One of the focal points of his company is using as many local products and services as possible. So, it’s not just about using Indiana corn for the whiskey, but even using local sheet metal fabricators to make the copper distilling vat!