3 thoughts on “Netflix and Learn

  1. Thanks for the recommendation Rob! I decided to take you up on your suggestion and watched one of the documentaries listed on the site called Burts BUZZ. For anyone interested in a fun and unexpected entrepreneurial success story I think you would like this movie. Specifically I think the movie provides two important lessons

    First, I think as law students we get tangled up in the idea that degrees are important and needed in order to be successful. So I enjoyed learning about a story of someone who was bright and business savvy yet did not subscribe to the belief that a higher education is necessary.

    Second, this movie shows that anyone can be entrepreneurial and there is no exact recipe for what personality traits make for a good entrepreneur. I would not of thought Burt Shavitz possessed entrepreneurial abilities yet by doing something he loved he has become wildly successful.

  2. I watched “Jiro Dreams of Sushii” last year without knowing what it was and I got completely sucked in. It is a really interesting documentary about his work ethic and years of dedication to his craft.

  3. I’m upset I just saw this Rob, as I don’t see any snow days in the near future 🙁